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Vilnius Vytautas Magnus Gymnasium is the first Lithuanian gymnasium, founded in 1915 by M. Biržiška, J. Basanavičius and P. Gaidelionis. As then, the gymnasium ensures effective high-quality teaching, learning and is open to a positive change. Today’s gymnasium strives for improvement, nurtures its traditions, nationality, tolerance, adapts flexibly to changing conditions, provides comprehensive knowledge that will help young people find their place in Lithuania and in the world. Therefore, the school community is safe, cooperative, focused, proactive, benevolent. They are confident in their abilities and proud of their school, eager to develop it every day.


Our students are proud to be witnesses and chroniclers of a hundred years history of the gymnasium. After all, they study in the First Lithuanian Gymnasium, which was founded more than 100 years ago by the eminent people: J. Basanavičius, M. Biržiška and P. Gaidelionis.

Actually, 66 highly competent teachers strive to make students’ experience in classrooms and gymnasium spaces meaningful, nurturing and value-based. We are concentrated on growth and setting an example for others.

Multi-functional, aesthetically equipped gymnasium spaces inspire creativity and are often renewed by our students. Throughout the year, students enjoy their own nurtured vegetation which soothes and helps to relax.

Mainly focused on personal and professional development, educators provide integrated lessons that go beyond the subject matter and strive to develop life skills. As a result, lessons are interesting: active teaching methods, games, group and creative work, projects, laboratory work prevail. Classes are often held in high school auditoriums, museums and other non-traditional spaces. Moreover, meetings with a variety of professionals help students learn diverse thinking skills and practices.

Furthermore, our top students can attend “Gifted Students Club”, where they prepare for national and international competitions and Olympiads, delve deeper into subjects and work with researchers from various fields. These students are constantly honoured and rewarded at the events dedicated to them.

What sets our gymnasium apart, is that students have freedom to create event programs and offer ideas which often take place in the Vilnius City Hall or ‘Siemens Arena’ rather than in the gymnasium. Because of this, entertainment events and national celebrations are becoming even more and more festive and attractive to young people.

The postmodern generation of students can search for, discover and express themselves not only in traditional extracurricular activities, but also through body design, contemporary dance, electronic music, journalism and other activities. Charismatic leaders, who are beloved by students, notice everyone and help develop students’ talents.

International student-initiated events and exchanges develop the intercultural dialogue needed to shape the world-view of a modern cosmopolitan person. Therefore, our gymnasium students bravely implement international initiatives, thus expanding the concept of the education system, bringing it closer to European models.

Parents are an integral part of the gymnasium community. Their cooperation not only enriches relationship between students and parents but also helps to achieve better learning results. Aware parents willingly spend their time together, studying in positive parenting academies, attend parent events, meetings and community celebrations.